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Drowning in volumes of regulations, policies, agreements and others… making compliance expensive and manual? Manual compliance takes 80%+ of your time, causes 85%+ of errors and costs industry 100’s of billions in lost revenue, expenses and fines.

ConTXT’s productivity platform turns compliance documents into rules to automate your work from source to final report
- so you can focus on building your business.

Give your work ConTXT.

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Accelerate work by 20x • Cut costs by 95% • Save billions

Faster • Smarter • Safer

A productivity platform for automating compliance

… so you can focus on building your business.

Can’t keep up? On-board content instantly!

… work faster. Goodbye manual entry, hello productivity.

Compliance and regulation volumes have skyrocketed. How do you keep up? ConTXT’s AI (Augmented Intelligence) tools for natural language processing on-board a mountain of content, turning words into actions. With this, users can build collections of data inventories, flows, policies, validations, report requirements and more, ready for use. Curious, check out chapter 2 of our demo on Automating Capital Management Reporting.

+ Eliminate manual scrubbing and processing. Stay on top of compliance and regulatory changes.

Can’t deliver? Automate and streamline work!

… work smarter. Automate compliance, get back to business.

Businesses are on the hook to deliver compliance but technology is a bottleneck. How do you empower Compliance Professionals to deliver? ConTXT is an AI-assisted platform users leverage to script automated rules, data and reports in simple English. Ready for deployment anywhere. Curious, check out chapter 3 of our demo on Automating Portfolio Guidelines for Asset Management.

+ Eliminate costly errors and meet compliance deadlines.

Need control? Manage, visualise and publish work transparently!

… work safer. Collaborate, manage and track work end-to-end.

Complying is not enough. How do you provide end-to-end visibility demanded by regulators and others? Manage risks through documented scripts of rules and publishing reports, full audit trails of changes, and end-to-end visualisation of lineage. All data and changes are tracked, linked, searchable and easily navigated, providing traceability from start to finish for impact analysis and oversight.

+ Avoid expensive fines, lost revenues and damage to reputation.

Manage compliance faster • smarter • safer.

Give your work ConTXT.

Solution Partners

ConTXT is building the world’s largest network of GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution partners!

Our partners are large, global GRC service providers to the Financial Services industry. Building management and reporting services on ConTXT’s cloud platform means they can focus on customer excellence while knowing their offerings will reduce costs for customers, grow profits for themselves, leverage leading technology and scale rapidly with increased demand, offerings and regulations.

Our partner is a global knowledge services provider leveraging ConTXT to translate asset management agreements to compliance rules and manage their clients' compliance monitoring and reporting services.


Our partner is a global consultancy leveraging ConTXT to rapidly on-board, automate and manage capital management and reporting requirements for clients.


Our partner is a global reporting solutions provider leveraging ConTXT to quickly automate, manage and validate out-sourced regulatory reporting for clients in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.


Build scalable, profitable compliance services for clients.

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