• Intelligent regulatory reporting

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  • What ConTXT offers

    A streamlined regulatory reporting process that reduces cost, increases compliance and improves business productivity.

    Provides regulatory content

    A catalogue of validated data inventories, pre-defined data flows and final regulatory reports, in any format you require, that can be natively installed on any data infrastructure.

    An intelligent open platform

    To automate and manage all regulatory content and provide oversight and full visualisation of data lineage from source to final report.

    Business user empowerment

    Through the ability to turn their documentation of rules and processes into automated actions through simple English control statements.

  • Why ConTXT


    Eliminate costly errors and meet reporting deadlines - avoid expensive fines, lost revenues and damage to reputation.


    Eliminate manual time spent scrubbing, processing and formatting data.


    Select only the content needed, ready for automation in your existing technology. No extra capital expenditures.


    Stay on top of regulatory changes. ConTXT provides updates as they occur.


    All related data is linked and easily navigated, providing traceability from start to finish.


    ConTXT platform automates reporting and production of outputs including submissions to regulators.

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